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Year of Music

2023 has had massive swings in good and bad, but music has been a staple that made everything amazing. After years of being trapped by my illnesses, I was able to go back out into one of the worlds I love the most. And even if I was always the oldie at the shows, the world disappoint.

Mod Sun in perfect rockstar pose
Mod Sun at the Agora

Mod Sun was in March and opened up my year and his performance was absolutely insane at the Agora in Cleveland.

With a flawless vocal performance and overflowing energy, he was emotional after the break-up with Avril and threw himself into giving everything to the fans. It showed in every song and the fans gave him every bit of the love back.

It was the first of this year's concerts where everyone knew every word and was singing with their whole chests, and after years away, it was a perfect starting point for the year in music, and everyone should take the time to see him if they get the chance.

Taylor Swift during Lover Era
Taylor Swift at Acrisure Stadium — Pittsburgh

Taylor Swift is the biggest concert I've ever been to and was worth every dime and bit of effort that went into being in that stadium.

She sounded amazing, performance was on point, and performed for hours. I've been to a lot of concerts in my life and I've never been to one like it.

Seventy plus thousands fans on pitch, in unison, joyful from the beginning through the hour plus wait to get on the train and walking through the streets of downtown Pittsburgh... I can't express to you the feeling.

If you get a chance, see her. Even if you're just streaming it. This is still living rent-free in my head.

Yungblud dancing
Yungblud at Jacobs Pavilion

Yungblud was every bit as energetic as his music, maybe more, and being in the first few rows gave me an up-close-and-personal view of how magnetic and brilliant he is as a performer.

I was already a fan of his music, but what he delivered surpassed my expectations. His voice and performance was brilliant and elevated even songs that I hadn't really paid attention to.

Just like at Mod Sun, the audience sent love back at him, singing every word, dancing, jumping, and following his every whim. And I was right there with them.

Might've meant that my videos have me singing on them... and if you get a chance, you should do the same.

Fall Out Boy at Blossom Music Center

A week after Yungblud, Fall Out Boy entered the chat, and I can't even tell you how amazing they are. Words were harder for the full audience to sing because, hello, Fall Out Boy, but the crowd still sang, and the show went so. damn. hard.

I loved everything about it. And I will see FOB

every time they come into town.

Then a surprise entrance to my musical year.

Goo Goo Dolls at Blossom Music Center

A friend couldn't use her ticket and I got to go see THE Goo Goo Dolls.

It wasn't my first time, that was twenty plus years ago, John and the crew was just as good and the years of experience showed in an absolutely magical performance.

John's guitars were having issues, but he still sounded and performed like he was at the top of his game. They still sound like they did, making me relive the first show, and planning on making sure I'm in the audience when they come back.

And finally, NBT. Nothing But Thieves- House of Blues

For those of you who haven't been listening to Nothing But Thieves, you need to be. And their show didn't disappoint.

It took forever for them to get back to town, but they were brilliant. Everything I hoped for.

My husband will make it to the next concert if I have to tie him up and haul him there. (Work got in the way all year) And hopefully I'll be able to hit some of the artists I missed this year. But for next year, I wish everyone musical magic in real life. Because a year in music did me good, and I know it will for you too.

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