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A Weekend with The Warden for Lassiter

Being a romance fan usually means quiet reading, tucked in a comfortable corner with my kindle, but this weekend is going to be anything but. Because I saw J.R. Ward!

She’s a titan who continues to prove that vampires are badass and angels are sexy. She owned the bestseller lists when they existed and mattered, and she is a global smash.

I'm sure the book we've all been waiting for will be no different. Shh. I haven't read it.

I always had a personal affinity because she moved from law to romance, but that’s not why you go see her in person. No, you attend because listening to her is an experience. It always was, and today was no different.

It’s not a quick trip down the road, but I’m lucky. Cleveland to Covington, Kentucky is only four hours, so a mini-vacay was not only doable, but doctor recommended.

Seriously, my doctor said to go out and live life, have fun. Relax. Well, done. So first Mod Sun. And Friday, I drove down and relaxed with a wonderful dinner and a good night’s sleep and this morning; I grabbed breakfast and headed over to the convention center.

As usual, the Warden's fans turned out. In groups of friends, or by ourselves, in black and pink, in unicorn headbands or floaties, Black Dagger Brotherhood fans showed up in force once again to show our support and grill the woman who built a world we love to live in.

Dressed in her usual elegant black dress, high heel, perfect hair, nails and jewelry, the southern lady uniform hides a raucous, sometimes raunchy sense of humor which her fans have come to count on in her books and in person.

I’m not going over all the deets she gave us for Lassiter or the other books, because it is being posted to YouTube, but beware... the spoilers will gut you. If you are not caught up... do not go in... I repeat... do not go in.

I didn't read it before I came in this time and got bitch slapped like I knew I would be. (Newbies to Ward events should never come thinking they'll be protected. (Fly you fools!)

I will say the event getting this big might have meant the interactions would be less personal, but for the most part, she was able to keep the thing that makes these events intrinsically hers intact. They made lots of aisles, so she walked by as many people as possible, and though she was frequently far away, the screens at the front helped keep everyone engaged.

And Jessica runs... she still runs when they tell her not to, maybe not away from her handlers, now it's to her fans.

My only caveat was for the newbies I ran into. It may feel too distant or unlikely to get a hello or a question, especially with all the insider information being shared by long-time attendees. Or with vast numbers of aisle seats being taken up by people with branded shirts. It might help if she posts events how-tos on her site to equal out the knowledge and networking/seat-saving for someone who may only get one chance to come, since it’s more music concert than book launch. And make no mistake, she is a rock star.

I’m thrilled with the fun of the last couple of days. The drive home will be easy because I’ll be floating on a happily-ever-after haze from all the wonderful romance fans and the Warden we all love, who once again gave her time and energy to her devoted fans.

Yay for Lassiter.

Hail the Warden.

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