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Too Swift A Night

At the beginning of the year my doctor told me that my habits needed to change. The major

one was to start celebrating my wins with something other than food. No more dinners out to say yay me. Instead it would events.

I've already gone to Mod Sun, which turned out to be a fantastic show, and gone to see J.R. Ward, plus a couple great county outings, but last weekend was my big trip to see Taylor Swift in Pittsburg.

Now, I'm not going to lie. Things did not go as planned.

Hubby was supposed to go with me and at the last minute he was sick and work wouldn't let him leave. We'd purchased floor seats and had a hotel over thirty minutes away on a normal night and he was panicked about what it would be like on that night.

Which was fair enough.

So I scrounged a hotel room for a ridiculous price a mile away and tried to sell the VIP ticket next to me.

Well, that doesn't work because StubHub screws me over and deletes my ticket listing as I'm walking into the venue.

As Girl In Red plays, I've got an empty field seat, an extra VIP box, an extra moonstone LP on the way, and my phone is dying, but I don't care.

I'm dressed in my version of Taylor's LWYMMD streamer thief, I've got my merch, and the show is about to start, and the stadium is full of people who fucking love her.

From the jump she delivered. For those of you who may wonder: it doesn't matter where you are in that stadium, it's a great show. She moves from the back of the stage to the front of the stage... a full 50 yards, she looks forward and back, side to side. She doesn't stop, she sounds amazing, and while her dancers, backup singers, and band gets a break, she does not. For three and half damn hours.

And looks amazing doing it.

Seriously, like what the hell.

I've seen Def Leppard in the round. Seen Bon Jovi in arenas, I've beeeeen there done that, this was something else.

The visuals were so on point, both on the screen (give whoever created that a raise), on the stage that was part of a multi-level hydraulics...

Into the stands...

and into a fantastic lightshow that included fireworks and pyrotechnics.

And wristbands in the stands.

But the most important thing that made it memorable was having 72,000 people who knew every single word, singing with you to every song. I've sung badly with my favorite bands, but this was unreal. It makes her different.

It made me lucky.

I missed out on seeing some of my favorite bands live. Opportunities that are gone forever. But I was here for this. And I wish the same for you. That you get to the places that matter. That you'll carry with you. Hopefully not alone, but even if you are, you'll do it, because even if you are, you're not. I wasn't. I was one, seventy-two thousand strong. And karma... is my friend.

Carpe diem.

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