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Sometimes it's fancy pants and sometimes it's not.

In addition to trying to write the words and edit the books, life always finds a way to be interesting. For those of you who are friends with me, you may have learned my husband spoiled me in a way I haven't been in over 22 years.

My much loved Saturn took care of me for over two decades, but she was beat up. She was expensive to take care of and became unreliable, which made hubby very concerned about letting me drive her, particularly in the cold Ohio winters.

Then an unbeatable deal on a practically new Jeep Renegade fell into our lap.

As you can see, I now have new to me fancy pants. I love him. He's a beauty and I feel like I've jumped into a science fiction book, and I intend to take very good care of him for the next two decades, just like my last girl. #Grateful

But for every fun, happy thing that happens in life, there is a more practical thing that we have to do. And I present you, mine.

Before After

Boring right? Lol.

We'd like to sell our house in the next two years and the toilet that I put in, brand-new myself, three years ago, has a scratch it. We won't discuss how that happened... I will say that every time I see that scratch there is an internal growl. So, I will fix it...

I'm fixing it... And the first two steps have been done. Now, I just have to wait for the porcelain fix to dry, and I will sand it down and it will be perfect, as if the flaw never happened.

Fancy pants. Practical realities. And then on to creative words. That's how it works in the life of the creative.

Let me know it's going for you, and I'll try to keep you better informed on how things are going for me.

Stay safe. Think practical. Be fancy and always creative.

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