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On My Mind

This week has been a bit of chaos mixed with melody.

I haven't felt well but I've managed to be productive in day to day life which is a relief considering Inkers Con starts today and I still have work to do on a class I paid a ton of money for.

For the next three to four weeks and beyond I have both creative and business classes that will help my writing get better and faster and improve my methods of delivery. I'm looking forward to it since I'm getting messages telling me to get my shit out. Fair.

I do need to get it out.

In response, I've posted the first snippet of Dylan in my Facebook Group. It's a bit scary to do that since I haven't shared that with anyone, but it's also exciting. I hope everyone gets as excited about him as I am. I adore Dylan and I've fallen in love with Freya and can't wait to share them with everyone.

So for the next few weeks I'm going to be slammed. I hope to balance health, classes, and writing, but I doubt much will get done in the long run. Hubby's already on board with me shifting away. #sorryhubby 😘

To al my friends and followers, I'll see you soon. ❤️

Sorry social media, you'll suffer too. See you in a month or so. 😜 Can't say I'll miss you. #seeyoulater

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