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New website. New platforms. New stories on the way.

It’s spring cleaning.

Like everyone, the pandemic has been rough for me as a creative person.

For anyone who know me, you know that I have several medical conditions that can slow me down. Stress, of all things, can trigger the worst of my symptoms. Fun right?

That doesn’t mean I’m not working. Given some serious issues with Amazon, I decided to pull my books from Kindle Unlimited. I know this my frustrate some, but as an author, it was necessary. This means my books will be available on all major platforms. I’m also attempting to make them available to libraries, so they can be borrowed by those struggling during these difficult times. Hopefully by May, all you need to do is go to your local library and ask them to order my books.

In addition to expanding my reach, I’ve updated my website. I love it if everyone went and looked because my designer worked hard on the new layout.

I love it.

With the new look, comes the new store, new merch, and a revitalized blog-as you can see, lol. I’ve been busy writing new content, with new ways to help distribute it, along with hard work on two new books, a new story, and have completed the photoshoot for the new book coming up.

I am excited and can’t wait. As more stuff gets ready to launch, I promise to share everything with you.

Welcome spring. A new beginning, and new hopes.

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