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I Was Doing So Well

I spent a ton of money to participate in Inkers Con and let me tell you, it's been amazing. I hadn't even gotten to the classes because the roundtables were keeping me busy. Then my body reminded me that it hates me.

I'd been flaring for a whole week, meaning my joints and muscles hurt like hell, but I kept going. The low-grade headache I'd had was normal and I ignored it...

So it ate me.

I'm accustom to a left-hemisphere migraine, but lately, I've been getting right-hemisphere or whole head, and this time, it chomped my whole head. Stabbing pains that left me dizzy, nauseous enough to throw up for days, and dehydrated. Light and sound sensitivity which I don't normally have left me in bed, in the dark, on an ice pack, hoping for sleep.

Not a good time.

I'm grateful I have a husband who understands and loves of me. 💋❤ Without him, I'd be screwed. He took care of me, even when there was little he could do.

All this said, now that I'm up and trying to get back on schedule, I'm being kind to myself. Something I've learned the hard way. Several days of pain leaves you unsteady and on the edge of relapse. So, I'm learning. Writing. And being kind to a body in distress.

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