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How is it July?

I don't know how June got by me already. I had all sorts of plans and it feels like it just slipped away. I can't be the only one. However, great things have been happening.

My writing group here in Cleveland has been able to return to in person meetings for the first time in a year and a half. While we made sure to meet via Google Meet religiously during the pandemic, it just wasn't the same. We need our face time, and thank goodness we have it back.

I went to a great Lavender Festival that was canceled last year. It's held at a local winery/lavender farm and it was wonderful to get out after being stuck home for so long.

I picked up bundles of different lavender for my family, and hand-crafted goat-milk soap for everyone that smells so good. It was totally worth the drive and I'm looking for several other similar opportunities to get out.

We have family in town for the holiday and are hoping to take them to see some of the great areas of Cleveland, of which there are many.

As all these fun things are going on, our writing group is planning for a group writing retreat in August. I'm just hoping that July doesn't fly by. I need all the days. I hope you have all the days too, and are able to enjoy your July.

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