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Cover Post- Sci Fi- Venomous

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

P. Fletcher came on the scene in this early reverse harem romance and gave us not just the elements of a romance, but genuinely gave us a science fiction story.

Venomous and Lumen come together in a horrible clash on a slave planet... of biology and cultures. He is obviously NOT HUMAN. Fletcher doesn't slide by with some sexy "human" alien... no the impulse meant that what happened between them happened after she'd already been horrifically tortured. Is Alien.

And there was a come to Jesus moment for them... In addition, she thought out serious differences in how they would respond to heat, water... you name it. The biological drives lead to cultural misunderstandings. I love it.

I will admit the last like fifteen pages are a bit over the top... but hey... who cares. The rest of the book are so damn good I reread this book so much it doesn't matter.

Oh... and for those of you looking for a strong WOC in Scifi or romance... Lumen is here for you. Venomous loves her brown skin and curly hair and so did I. She thought she was unimpressive... I disagree. Lumen is so damn strong. Beautiful. And one of my favorite characters. And Fletcher did a great job. :-)

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