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Busta Word

April has flown by fast and it feels like I need another week.

All of 2021 is going too fast. I have plans, but if feels like I'm a hamster on a wheel. No matter how hard I work there's never enough time.

I'm not alone. I know lots of people feel like nothing they do is enough. Know you aren't alone. It doesn't matter what your responsibilities look like, it can be overwhelming. It happens to me, it happens to most everyone.

Be kind to yourself.

That stuff will be there after you talk a walk, take a nap, do your nails, take the kids for a picnic. Sincerely. Taking care of yourself not only benefits you, but teaches the people around you, how to treat you and themselves.

Boring info in my life: the weather in Cleveland has NOT moved on. We had snow in April and I know we aren't alone. The Midwest got hit with a bit of love from Mother Nature to remind us we're just here at her pleasure. Makes me want to have a word.

Can I have a word? Because we aren't safe until the last weeks of June and I'm OVER it. Anyone else out there sick of this?



Suzanne Wright is one of my go to authors. She's a comfort read regardless of her series and I love this expansion of her universe.

Havana and Tate were sexy and strong. I'm totally here for more of Olympus Pride.

Make sure you go read the new series if you have already and if you have, go make sure you review.


April's CampNaNoWriMo is going well and I hope to have a rough draft of Curse done in a week. For those not familiar with the writing process, that doesn't mean it's done. Especially for me. I write rough rough drafts, then edit multiple times, have beta readers review, edit , send to editing, edit again, send to proofing, edit, and finally send for formatting. But the draft is a big deal.

Once the Curse draft is done, May will be devoted to draft Dylan. I'll be switching back and forth between the two for editing until they're done. I also the hunt for Dylan's cover models.

I'm super excited and I hope you are too. As soon as the editing evens out, I'll be starting the sophomore year of Blood & Iron Warriors, which will be the next two books for Rayne and Tyler and Bay's novella.

That's it for now.

And remember, read about assholes, but #dontbeadick

Kat Kenyon

Love is Chaos

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