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Book Reviews for the Month

I don't write a lot of reviews since I stopped blogging, and to be honest I wasn't a great blogger. I preferred to be lost in the stories to writing people about them, not going to lie, though I always loved telling people about them. I loved advocating for my favorites, so I figured I'd return to that.

A new favorite is J. Bree and the universe she's creating. Both her RH books and her one on one are intense and exciting. Love them. Her characters don't blend into the landscape of characters that is the sub-genre like so many do, which makes it so easy to root for the individuals that are running around map she's created. I'm a fan of what she's doing with where she's taking it and I can't what for the next books. She's got my attention, and while this isn't the first book, trust me, make sure to start at the beginning.

You can find my review of her latest book here:

Goodie Goodie Goodie, which is just how I feel every single time T.M. Frazier's name crosses my screen. She's the mother of all dark universes for me, and there isn't a single dark star she's made explode I wouldn't willingly go blind for. She started from a single point and literally exploded her universe in all directions and everyone willing to follow has been gifted amazing stories with full, rich, complicated characters and story arcs that challenge them to dig deeper, go farther. I love everything about her writing.

It isn't for everyone, but if you are brave enough, you can go to where the first point of light was, with Dark Light of Day:

As you can tell, I'm a universe reader. I like 'em. I read 'em. I write 'em.

Happy reading.

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