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A Night @ The Agora

It's been a couple decades since I've been able to keep a full calendar. One of my favorite things to do when I did, was concerts. Back in the days of the Odeon, I was out to see bands regularly. But it's been that long since I could.

Last year, I was lucky enough to catch a Missio show in Lakewood. They were fantastic, but it wasn't a huge stretch on my health. It was small, and while my body was pushed, the show itself was manageable.

However, with the new health regime, the doctors asked me to change everything. One big thing, was we no longer celebrate with dinners, or food of any kind.

I had to pick something to replace it. Something that could represent my good times and rewards. I picked events.

Two months later, after completing my new diet without breaking once, I felt good enough to head back out into the wild. And on March 9, 2023, I hit the Agora Cleveland for Mod Sun.

We paid extra to get in from the cold faster, and I'm not going to lie, I will definitely do that again. It also got my short ass up close enough to see.

His openers were good, and I especially liked Pardyalone, but when it came to the main act...

Mod Sun from the opening song until the last was brilliant. He played songs from early in his career through the new album, and dove headlong into his biggest hits.

He's got shit going on, but it didn't effect his performance at all. He gave it up. Belted it out, and pulled it from every person in the crowd.

It was so loud.

Exactly what you want at a concert. It had me screaming at the top of my lungs every time he called for it.

"Karma's a bitch, I heard"

Ain't it though?

Apparently my karma's not so bad, because although my toes feel kinda broken and numb today, I made it through more than six mosh pits, multiple crowds surfers going overhead, and a couple elbows to have the best fucking time.

Hubby and I made it in and out only scathed by what we did to ourselves and with the merch I wanted.

This night was a reward for changing everything about the way I ate. Changing how I viewed my health. My sleep. My life. Making changes that, according to my doctor, cause too many patients to give up and never come back. A reward for a job well done. And it absolutely was that.

Thank you, Mod Sun for being such a great reward.

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