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Image by Ahmad Odeh

War isn't just found

On the field

I'm flying apart at the seams. I want to be back to who I was, but everyone keeps trying to pull me apart. Tyler's the only thing holding me together, but he shouldn't have to. I have to find my feet again. And I will. I just don't know how.

I listened to the school. My coaches. My therapist. Let my dad get in my head. Every time I listen to anything other than my heart, Rayne gets hurt. So now, the thumping in my chest that says, protect her, is the only thing leading me. When the system lines up against us, I'll defend her. I just don't know how.

Love puts everyone through the fire of chaos. Some burn away, and others are tempered over and over into the strongest steel. How hot is the fire Rayne and Tyler will have to fight to come out the other side?

Red Bleachers

Start from the


I like Tyler, but we're just friends. That's what we agreed. We need different things and I've been down this road before. I need to focus on the dance scholarship that got me into California University, even if he's all I want when things fall apart. We're friends. There's just one problem. 

Love brings chaos and demons thrive in its wake.  

Can Rayne and Tyler survive the demons stalking them?

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