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Image by Ahmad Odeh

War isn't just found

On the field

Rayne Mathews has more than one monster coming for her. With the man who attacked her on the loose and her family out to break her, Rayne can’t trust anything but Tyler Blackman’s love.


Tyler lost Rayne once. He won’t do it again. And if nightmares from her past are coming for her, he’ll fight them all to keep her safe.


But when the enemies could cost Tyler both on and off the field, how far is he willing to go to defend the girl?


I've done everything from work a state fair that left me smelling of corn dogs and cotton candy (still love corn dogs) to law, and I love writing the most.

I write romance because honestly, I want the happy ending as much as the reader, so there will be a HEA. I don’t promise an easy ride on the way because my characters do what they want, much like real people. They fail, they learn, they grow. Not all my characters or stories will rip your heart, but as with life, they learn the most from things that challenge them, so my romance is chaos.

I tend to write in chronological order and whichever book speaks to me the most, without regard to genre and I write my own books, so please bear with me. I hope you join me for any or all of my expanding universes.

Red Bleachers

Start from the


Rayne Matthews has a dance scholarship.


Tyler Blackman has a shot as a walk-on in football.

The pressure is on, and there's no room for mistakes. Can they reach their goals, while holding onto each other?

Love isn’t easy when the world is watching, and not everyone is cheering.

The brightest futures cast the darkest, what do you do when you're falling in love in the spotlight?

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