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"He is perfect imperfection if ever it existed."- Obsessed with Romance Blog 

I like Tyler, but we're just friends. That's what we agreed. We need different things and I've been down this road before. I need to focus on the dance scholarship that got me into California University, even if he's all I want when things fall apart. We're friends. There's just one problem.

Rayne made the call and I get it. She needs more than I can give her. My life is more of a disaster than a dream. Nothing good can come from being with me. I need to pretend she isn't all I think about and prove I belong on the field. Yeah, we're friends. There's just one problem. 

Love brings chaos and demons thrive in its wake.  

Can Rayne and Tyler survive the demons stalking them? 

High-steam romance series about the same couple. For 18+ 

Trigger Warnings 


*issues related to abuse and violence.

Chaos & Love

Blood & Iron Warriors: Book 1

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Chaos and Love is for readers over the age of 18.
Be aware that this book is the first in a series about the same couple.
Story includes sexually explicit scenes, adult language, and issues related to abuse, violence, and sexual assault. Please keep this in mind as you purchase for yourself or others.

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