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Rayne won't look at me and it's my fault. I let the monsters in my life turn me into one and blew my love apart... and now there's no way to undo it. The rest of my world is gray without her, but it's not her job to color it in for me. But the fact remains. You get one forever girl and she's mine


I miss him in my bones, but I'm not my mother. I won't crawl back to someone who doesn't respect me, and I've got real terrors stalking me in broad daylight. I'll keep my head down and power through. I have to. Even if the fact remains. Everyone has a weakness, and he's mine.

Love teaches through pain, and through effort, the worthy can earn redemption. 

Can Rayne and Tyler find their way back to one another or will another monster set off another bomb? 



High-steam romance series about the same couple. For 18+ 

Trigger Warnings 

*issues related to abuse, violence, SA.

Pain & Redemption

Blood & Iron Warriors: Book 2

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Pain and Redemption is for readers over the age of 18.
Be aware that this book is the second in a series about the same couple.
Story includes sexually explicit scenes, adult language, and issues related to abuse, violence, and sexual assault. Please keep this in mind as you purchase for yourself or others.

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