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Chaos and Love

(Blood and Iron Warriors, Book 1)


Rayne Mathews has worked every day of her life to survive an addicted mother and the abandonment of her father. And she has. She's earned her ticket to the elite hardwood floors of California University's dance program and the pre-pharmacy program. She's going to get that degree, and make sure her life looks nothing like the one she's leaving behind. No more errors in judgment, no matter how pretty they are.

Tyler Blackman is gifted. Despite everything being thrown in his path, he earned his way into one of the University's most competitive programs, and he won a spot onto the Blood and Iron Warriors' Football team. Won it the hard way. Won it in spite of everyone, and he's going to keep it. Even if it kills him. 

Neither are planning on anything but work, but nothing is quite as chaotic or as educational at life as your first year at college. And nothing ever will be enough for these two phenoms, in their sports or in love.

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